History of Banstead Athletic Football Club

History of Banstead Athletic Football Club

Banstead Athletic Football Club currently a participant in the Premier Division of the Combined Counties League and play at Merland Rise was founded in 1944. The club is situated in Tadworth, a town near Epsom in Surrey, England.

Initially, the club was known as Banstead Junior, that was during the establishment back in 1994, later in the 1946-47 season, the name was changed to the current Banstead Athletic Football Club.

In the year 1949, it was promoted to the Surrey Senior League after winning the Surrey Intermediate Cup and many other league titles. At the Surrey Senior League, Banstead Athletic Club performed better in the first season finishing as runners-up.

In the following seasons, the team maintained its good performance by winning the league title back-to-back during 1950-51 and 1953-54 seasons.

During 1950-51 season there was a great success in the group which included winning a league table and Harry Clark setting a goalscoring record. He had scored 81 goals in 26 matches of the 1950-51 season.

The followed two seasons, 1954-55 and 1955-56 seasons, Banstead Athletic FC finished as runner-up in league with Dorking FC winning the title.

However, the club was back to the winning culture, and it won the league during the 1956-57 season. For the next two season, again it finished at the runners-up position in the Surrey League Competition.

The team started dropping in the earlier 1960s with the 1961-62 season seeing it finish second bottom in the competition. In the 1964-65 season, Banstead Athletic Football Club was back, and it won the Surrey Senior League title for the sixth time during that season and also they claimed the championship by having the highest on goal average from Chobham.

Those achievements saw the team promoted up to the Spartan League competition.

Later in 1975, the Spartan League was merged with Metropolitan-London League to form the London Spartan League, and this saw Banstead Athletic FC placed in Division One of the competition.

Later the club was moved to the Athenian League where it had won the league title during the 1980-81 season. In 1984 Athenian League was disbanded, Banstead Fc and other clubs which were part of that league moved to Isthmian League where it placed to play in Division Two South.

In 1991, the Athenian League was reorganized, and Banstead Fc was placed in Division Two. After three years later there was another reorganization which placed the team in Division One, that was in 2002, two years later again there was another reorganization, but still, Banstead remained in Division One.

After the 2005-06 season of play at Isthmian League, Banstead Athletic FC resigned and joined the Combined Counties League Premier Division. In 2011-12 season it finished bottom, and it was demoted to Division One where it became a champion in 2016-17, and that earned it a promotion back to the Premier Division where it is playing currently.

League Won and Club Records of Banstead Athletic FC

Banstead Athletic had finished fourth in the Isthmian League Division during the 1995-96 season which was the highest position for the team in that league. In 1981-82 and 2000-01 seasons, it proceeded up to the third qualifying round in the FA Cup; this was the best performance in the FA Cup. Also, it had made it up the semi-finals in FA Vase competition in the 1996-97 season, and this was the best performance in the competition for the Banstead FC players. Other records include;

  • An attendance of 1400 people in FA Amateur competition verses Leytonstone.
  • Dennis Wall with the most appearances in the team, and
  • Harry Clark with the most goals in for the Club

Trophies Won

Banstead Athletic Football Club has won the following trophies in the competitions it has participated:

  • Division One Champions in the Combined Counties League during 2016-17
  • Won Athenian League Cup in 1980-81
  • Won Spartan League Cup in 1965-66
  • Six times winners of the Surrey Senior League
  • Winners of the Surrey Intermediate Cup in 1946-47

The Club’s Basic Information

The Banstead Athletic Football Club is nicknamed as The A’s and is currently playing in the Premier Division of the Combined Counties League. Its home playing ground is known as Merland Rise and is situated in Tadworth. James Cameron is the current Team Manager with Terry Molloy being the chairman.


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