Building A Business Online – Options For Prospective Entrepreneurs

You are a layman in the world of internet marketing and consider building an online business because you are looking for an attractive business concept with low entry barriers? Here you will find interesting options to earn money. For budding entrepreneurs, there are several options for building a successful online business.

The future is digital and this is something that even those who are not really comfortable with digital change cannot deny. Many budding entrepreneurs are also aware of this development. Therefore they decide to become active in an area of internet marketing. However, the world of internet marketing is very diverse and therefore it is not easy, especially for laypeople, to keep track of it. We are aware of this. That’s why we want to show you some good options on how to start an online business and make money.

Amazon FBA

A few years ago, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon / shipping by Amazon) was on everyone’s lips. Meanwhile the hype has decreased a bit. Many people think that the virtual marketplace is overcrowded and therefore it is no longer worthwhile to become active in this area.

But this is by no means the case. Amazon FBA is still a good option to earn money and build up a passive income. However, it cannot be denied that competition has become stronger. Therefore, good ideas, proper listings and well thought-out marketing are essential to be successful with Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA is nothing more than a service that makes it easier to sell your products on Amazon. A considerable advantage is that Amazon can take care of the entire logistics. However, everyone can decide for themselves if they want to do this. Especially in the beginning it might be more sensible to take care of the logistics yourself. However, it is difficult to say what is better across the board. It always depends on the individual case. The fact is that Amazon FBA has enormous potential. Prospective traders should not ignore this potential. Especially since the range is enormous and goods can be offered in various marketplaces around the world.

Amazon KDP

Amazon FBA is not the only way to make money with Amazon. Among others Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is another interesting option. Amazon KDP is the Internet giant’s self-publishing service. Anyone who wants to can use it to offer their e-books on the marketplace in an uncomplicated way.

One advantage of Amazon KDP is that you are spared the time-consuming search for a publisher. This used to be a serious matter for many authors. It was not uncommon that books were never published because no print publisher accepted them. Especially for authors who had invested years in a work, this was naturally a considerable blow. With KDP this risk does not exist. Anyone can publish an e-book.

Furthermore, Amazon offers KDP a special feature. We are talking about KDP Select. KDP Select is nothing more than a program where the author offers his work exclusively through Amazon. There are several advantages to this. Firstly, the e-book is suitable for KindleUnlimited, Kindle-Deals and Prime Reading. Second, it appears in the Kindle Owners Lending Library, there are five free days per quarter, and even has promotions available. Especially KDP Select makes it interesting to distribute their e-books via Amazon. This is a great way to take advantage of the enormous reach. It can also be worthwhile to do without other online publishers.

Dropshipping with Shopify

The drop shipment business has actually been around for quite some time. In recent years, however, it has resurrected to a certain extent and has since enjoyed enormous popularity among entrepreneurs. Not only the digital change but also the emergence of new forms of shipping has contributed to this. One of them is ePacket.

However, it should be noted that the Internet is now full of drop-shipping shops. If you don’t have a good idea and only want to set up a shop based on good luck, you will probably not be successful. It is almost obligatory to work on a niche, to do good SEO and to deliver high quality content to the customers. All this makes dropshipping much harder than it was a few years ago.

Nevertheless, dropshipping is still an interesting option to build a business online. Above all, the comparatively minor start-up difficulties make the business concept attractive. Thanks to Shopify and other shop systems, it is now also relatively easy to start your own online shop. Shopify not only allows you to create a shop in just a few steps, but is also able to take over some logistical aspects. Not to mention the fact that all payments can be handled securely via Shopify and products can be imported easily e.g. via Oberlo. However, there is a monthly fee to be paid.

In addition, a commission is payable to Shopify for every successfully sold product. There is no question that these additional costs can be worthwhile. Otherwise, Shopify would probably not have been able to establish itself in this way in recent years. In general, dropshipping is an attractive business concept. But it is not simple. Anyone who wants to be active in this area should therefore be prepared for hard work.