Earn Money With Apps – The Best 5 Apps To Earn Money At A Glance

No matter what operating system your phone is running, Android or iOS or any other system – making money with apps is easy. However, it is important to remember that some apps are not necessarily available for both operating systems.

Anyone who owns a smartphone and has access to the Internet can get to “work” immediately after downloading the app. And you can easily earn money on the side with your smartphone. In the following we present five interesting apps for earning money.

Earn money with apps: With collecting and charging e-scooters

You can take advantage of the hype about the e-scooters and try to make money as a so-called juicer with the provider Lime. As a prerequisite you should be at least 18 years old, in possession of a smartphone and have a trade licence. You can easily get a trade licence at the trade office in your city.

This is how it works:

  1. Download the Lime app
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. You will receive a short training in advance and some chargers will also be provided free of charge
  4. The app shows the Juicern where the e-scooters were parked with a low battery. These must be picked up and recharged.

Lime pays the juicers four euros per charged scooter for this service. You must pay the electricity costs yourself, although the number of scooters per evening is limited to ten. The electricity costs are manageable and amount to a few cents per charge. This means that you can earn 40 Euros per evening, minus additional costs and taxes. Whoever owns a car simplifies the work, which in this case can be done within one or two hours.

All you then have to do is drive to the scooter parking areas and load the scooters. A vehicle has a weight of about 20 kilograms. In the morning the scooters have to be parked charged at the points indicated by the app. Payment is made immediately the next day. It is therefore to be regarded as a secondary income instead of practicing a real profession.

Do smaller tasks with appJobber and earn money at the same time

The app appJobber is also one of the well-known micro job apps. With this software you can take on simple, smaller tasks within your own city. Then it’s time to earn money with apps. The relevant jobs and the locations where they are to be done are displayed on a map of the area in the app. You can also see the amount of possible earnings. The micro-jobs mainly consist of taking photos of certain objects or researching opening hours. This can be done during a short walk.

After completing the job or providing the necessary information in the app, the amount of money earned is paid out immediately. AppJobber offers the possibility to pay out the money directly through your own PayPal account.

Earn money with Google Survey App Play Store

Taking part in surveys for market research purposes is also one of the popular variations of earning money with apps. The software manufacturer Internet Giganten has provided the Google Survey App for this purpose. However, users should know one thing before using it: The money earned is only made available through Google Play Credit.

Those who are not satisfied with this and prefer to earn cash money should better not participate in surveys via this app. If you shop frequently at the Google Play Store, this way of earning money can be a welcome opportunity to save money. Users of the app will receive approximately one survey per week sent directly to their mobile phone after they sign up and provide personal information.

The respective surveys cover different topics that are important for market research companies. The questions can just as well be about the rating of a logo as they can be questions about a specific travel opportunity. For each completed survey you will receive a credit of up to 0.75 GBP on your Google Play account. The money can be used to download mobile games, e-books or movies from the store.

Earn money from home

If you don’t want to leave your sofa to earn money with apps, you should take a closer look at the Micro Job App Gold Donkey. With this app you can earn money by completing individual, freely selectable tasks from home. The tasks must be completed directly on the smartphone.

These mostly consist of watching a video clip, writing a review or participating in paid surveys for the purpose of market research. Users can also earn money if friends who can be invited via the app also complete tasks.

Users of the app can also choose other options besides paying out to their PayPal account, such as topping up credit on Google Play or iTunes or receiving a voucher for a purchase at Amazon.

Streetspotr – Earning money with apps made easy

If you want to make money with the Streetspotr app, you’ll need to be prepared to do small jobs near where you live (the spots). After logging in to the app, you can view the jobs. These can consist of, for example. Taking pictures of a certain public place or finding a certain product in the nearest supermarket.

After entering the requested information in the app, the job is done. For each completed task, you will receive a number of predefined so-called street points. These can be converted into cash and paid out to the PayPal account.

Earn money with Apps: Is it worth the effort at all?

If you are wondering whether the effort of earning money with apps is worthwhile at all, this kind of employment is surely nothing. If you see it as a welcome opportunity to earn a little extra on the side and don’t shy away from the effort, you should register immediately with one of the presented Apps and start earning money with Apps. However, you should bring along a lot of time and patience. Whether the “Jobs” will really bring in the promised compensation is determined solely by the provider of the app.