What Are The Advantages Of Professional Financial Advice?

Anyone wishing to protect or increase their assets should take advantage of professional financial advice. However, a financial advisor can also help if the financial situation gets out of hand and the overview of the finances is lost. Professional financial advice helps to protect and increase assets.

Independent financial advisor – the advantages

If the finances get out of hand, professional advice can help to shed light on the chaos. The financial advisor’s focus is not only on temporary lack of planning, but also on solid “financial coaching”. This is especially important when life circumstances have changed. This can be during marriage, parental leave or on the way to self-employment. A change of tax class, the determination of child allowances or the choice of health insurance can be useful. In these scenarios it is helpful to have an experienced financial advisor at your side.

The reputable financial advisor will first check the income and expenses. This will determine how the relationship is to each other. Often the expenses outweigh the income, which can lead to a financial bottleneck.

The work of a serious financial advisor

In addition to checking income and expenditure, the consultant will also check whether double insurance exists. Many customers still pay excessive account management fees at their bank. However, many consumers also lack provisioning options. The professional financial advisor will then show the customer ways to reduce their costs and how they can be better protected.

The right way to build up assets

With the right strategy, wealth can be built up and is feasible for everyone. With savings interest, the Riester pension or the capital-forming benefit, many simply overlook this. A serious and independent financial advisor, however, will point out the various possibilities of wealth accumulation and present concrete offers. The professional will assist and advise you. Financial instruments are offered which are not only efficient but can also be applied for at the client’s bank. However, the focus is not always on securities, but also on other solutions such as real estate, precious metals, etc.

Finding the right investment

Only financial products that can be purchased from the customer’s credit institution are recommended. This does not have to be an investment in securities if this is not the best solution for the customer. However, the financial advisor can present various options here.

Focus on transparency

There are no hidden commissions in the work of a financial advisor. The financial advisor’s fee is determined in writing before an assignment is given. It is important that the client always has control over his assets.

The independent financial advisor will always provide the client with a written recommendation if one is available. One might think here of buying a security or the like. The customer is then free to decide whether or not the house bank should make the purchase.

How to find the right financial advisor?

The most important prerequisite for a good financial advisor is their independence, as for example at Jordan Capital GmbH. It is also good if the financial advisor has an office close to the customer so that personal contact can be found quickly.

One possibility is to hire a financial advisor on a fee basis, whereby the agreed fee is paid in advance. This keeps costs transparent and stable. However, there is also the possibility of choosing a financial advisor who receives a commission from banks. This eliminates costs for the client. The decision to hire an advisor should be well thought out. Trust plays a major role, because the customer’s money is at stake.