What Is Important For A Credit Card For The Holidays?

A credit card for your holiday lets you enjoy your holiday without any worries. It offers security and flexibility, and not only when travelling. Being able to withdraw cash, pay and block the card in an emergency lets you enjoy your holiday to the full. A travel credit card offers numerous advantages. In addition to security and flexibility, a credit card abroad allows you to pay in the local currency without carrying a lot of cash.

What requirements should a credit card meet for your holiday?

When applying for a credit card for your holiday, you should already consider what is important to you. Some credit cards offer extensive insurance benefits or discounts, some do not charge any fees and some are free. You will receive a free credit card without a fixed annual fee. Free of charge means that you do not have to expect any fees for withdrawing money or paying with the card. Find out before you go on holiday which services are free and what costs you may have to expect. Of course you should choose a credit card that is accepted as well and as often as possible.

What is the difference between debit credit cards and charge credit cards?

There is a small but important difference between the two card types. With debit credit cards, the issuing bank or credit card company grants you a certain credit limit. You can dispose of this amount as you wish. Charge credit cards or prepaid credit cards provide the available credit. This credit must be paid into the card account in advance. If the amount is used up, the card must be topped up again. Only then can you use it again. However, these credit cards are not always accepted. Many hotels and car rental companies reject these cards when booking. A debit credit card is a good choice for your holiday.

Applications of the credit card for holidays

You can use your travel credit card in the following areas:

  • when booking a hotel
  • when booking the flight
  • when booking a rental car
  • to leave a deposit for the hotel or the rental car
  • for the payment of the hotel and the rental car
  • for local purchases
  • to make withdrawals

The possible uses of a credit card for holidays are very versatile. You can use the credit card when you book your holiday. In many cases, you will receive discounts, refunds or other benefits when you book on the Internet when you pay by credit card. This applies to hotel bookings and when you book your rental car. You can book the flight and pay directly online using your travel credit card. Withdraw money abroad with your credit card. And paying in local currency is easy and secure with your credit card while on holiday. You don’t need to exchange or carry a lot of cash unnecessarily. Your travel credit card offers you security and flexibility on holiday.

Take advantage of special conditions for insurance from the credit card provider

If you lose your card, you can have it blocked very easily. However, if your cash is stolen, it is gone and you will never get it back. But not only that, first of all you are now on holiday without money. Some credit cards offer insurance services, a travel accident insurance abroad, a rental car comprehensive insurance, a transport accident insurance, a purchase insurance, a travel cancellation insurance or a luggage insurance.

Why should you inform the bank about your stay abroad?

Many banks have blocked credit cards for use abroad. By blocking them, the banks ensure that customers are protected against deposits. This measure is also intended to prevent misuse of the credit card abroad. Normally, travel credit cards are not blocked for use abroad in Europe, only for non-European countries.

However, to be on the safe side, you should inform and ask your bank. You create transparency towards your bank. Your bank knows that you will be staying abroad and need not assume that your credit card will be misused. And you can be sure that you will actually receive money when you are on holiday or that you will be able to pay with your credit card abroad. No unpleasant surprises await you.

That is why a credit card is indispensable for your next holiday!

A credit card for your holidays offers security and flexibility. The risk of carrying a lot of cash with you is eliminated. Besides these advantages, the credit card companies offer numerous insurance services. In many cases, you have the option of paying back the amount used in instalments. A credit card for holidays makes the best days of the year safe, offers flexibility and in some cases helps to save cash. A credit card is particularly important, for example, to rent a car at the holiday destination or to pay a deposit for the hotel.